London Theatre Tours

Our theatre tours focus on London, renowned the world over for the quality of it's theatre. however we run tours to a whole range of other destinations either alone or in combination with London, including Dublin, Edinburgh, Paris, Prague and Berlin.


A typical London theatre tour might include:

A series of outstanding performances including the Royal National Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Company, major West End productions and fringe theatre. Selections are made in consultation with the American client organisation and might include some more unexpected choices.

Unusual sightseeing opportunities, often in private houses or the less obvious public places.

Meetings with major artists associated with the productions in our programmes: leading actors, directors, playwrights etc. and a round-up discussion with one of London's best known critics.

Gourmet experiences which take full advantage of the renaissance of London as a new world gastronomic capital.

Transportation to all events by private coach supplied by the best companies available.

Accommodation at good quality hotels located with a view to convenience for theatres and restaurants.

Value for money. At the end of each tour we ask our travellers whether they believe they received good value for money and in an overwhelming 95% of cases the answer is yes.